Three Lexus LFAs Together in Australia

The folks over at Lexus of Brisbane in Australia have delivered another Lexus LFA, and sent over a photo of all three of the supercars that have come through their dealership:

Three Lexus LFAs in Australia

There will be more photos of the three LFAs together in the next little while — I’ve also been told that the orange LFA will be getting a special exterior wrap in the coming months, anyone want to take a guess at what it could be?

(Thanks Julian!)


  • WorldofLuxury

    The picture just needs a few fans drooling over the cars. That’d be the sprinkle on the cake!

    • The Victor

      This picture just needs me sitting in one of the LFA’s. 

  • Ayo Doc Shugz Mkize

    Well at least there is more coming to Oz but in South Africa three is all we gonna get!!

  • masterpapers

    Great news. 

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