Desktop Wallpaper: Lexus GS 450h Visits the Norwegian Mountains

Let’s start off the week with this photo of the Lexus GS 450h F SPORT by photographer Knut Jenssen, which I had to convert into a desktop wallpaper:

Lexus GS 450h F SPORT Desktop Wallpaper

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This scenic backdrop is located in Tromsø, Norway, home of the world’s northern-most Lexus dealership — which also happens to be the same city where these Lexus Aurora Borealis photos were taken.

[Source: Lexus Norway] (Thanks Lasse!)


  • Ljn71

    You’re very welcome,Kevin! :-D I drove that very car and fell head over heels in love with it! I’m still puzzled by the hybrid F Sport’s absence from the US-market. It works extremely well,believe me. For me,the GS 450h F Sport’s combination of beauty,refinement,technology and most of all pulse-raising river appeal makes this one the most desirable cars of all time. Go,lottery ticket,go! 

  • WorldofLuxury

    Lexus should offer that decal on the bottom of the front door!!!

  • Ljn71

    “river appeal”? You old monkey! Driver appeal.  (41 and senile as a turnip.Good greaf!)

  • BOSS

    Beautiful scenery and car .