Lexus LFA Almost Sold Out

Lexus LFA Almost Sold Out

Two years since its launch, the Lexus LFA is in the final months of its 500-unit production run, and remaining inventory “is down to single digits”, according to Tim Morrison, Lexus USA vice president of sales.

(Let’s take a guess when Lexus will announce the LFA is completely sold out — I’m going with August 10th.)

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  • Joshd

    I’m surprised it isn’t sold out already…. 

    • 05RollaXRS

      It is still 10 months away from end of production so there is nothing surprising about a few still available.

  • Brad

    CarAdvice has a nice article on TMG & how they plan on introducing some special models in the Lexus & Toyota line-ups.There was also a picture of an LFA pictured in this article.It looks very simular to the rumored LFA II on each side of the front fascia.It also sports raw CF,a NACA duct & some other hood venting,special wheels & tires,larger rear spoiler & other extensive upgrades.I’ve been very excited about this news since I viewed it last night!Definately worth checking out!

  • MD

    They need to start building buzz about the LFA II. Lexus needs this momentum going. LFA kicked major a** in this year’s 24 hours Nurburgring race, but next year they will have nothing.

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    Hopefully the 650HP LS TMG will see the light of day…….

    • Brad

      According to CarAdvice,it likely will.

  • joko

    sold out in 10 of june 2014