Examining the 2013 Lexus ES Ambient Lighting

Check out this video demonstrating the nighttime ambient lighting of the 2013 Lexus ES:

The lighting appears similar to the fourth-generation GS, which has a very pleasant cabin glow at night — just another way the ES has been improved over the current generation.

(I’ve really enjoyed the videos that Lexus has put out for the new ES — every single one has been super-informative.)


  1. One common problem i found with the Lexus is that not every button is backlit, unlike an Audi or Mercedes.
  2. Thanks Lexus use a White Lexus ES on making this film , I'm a big fan of White Car ... and damn , those light is just , awesome !
  3. finally they get rid of the awfully cheap looking green back lighting. its whitish blue all the way
  4. The dash looks clutter and is far from elegant.