Lexus USA Releases GX 460 SportDesign Package

Lexus GX SportsDesign Package

Lexus USA has quietly launched a SportDesign package for the GX 460 — here’s a visual breakdown of upgrades (click for a larger image):

Lexus GX SportDesign Package

To summarize, the $2,000 option package includes:

  • F SPORT Grille
  • F SPORT 18” cast alloy wheels with a liquid silver high-gloss finish and 12% lighter than the stock wheels
  • Bright chrome exhaust tip made of double-walled stainless steel
  • Black or brown carpet floor mats with the F SPORT logo on the front mats

The GX SportDesign is arriving at dealerships already, despite there being no mention of the package on the Lexus USA website — one Club Lexus member was even able to snap a photo of the standard GX and the SD GX side-by-side:

Lexus GX 460 SportDesign vs Standard

(Here are more real-life photos of the GX SportDesign.)

I’m not quite sure about the grille without seeing it in person, but I like the wheels well enough — curious that even with three F SPORT branded elements (grille, wheels, floor mats), this is not the GX F SPORT.

[Via: Club Lexus]


  • Andrh

    I went to see it, but  front grille is a joke!  Wheels are beautiful in person 

  • mgoldwire

    Its listed on the site now

  • Rarmour

    Another sneaky way to sell you some overpriced wheels.

  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    Not too sure about the look. You’d probably have to see it in real life.

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    Lipstick on a pig.  Not a fan of the current GX

    Motor Trend is reporting through speaking with mark Templin that the next GX will be a larger-RX unibody setup, like this generation should have been……

  • Justin Demps

    … not really feeling the package at all. What difference does it make besides a 2k more price tag? That grill looks disgusting imp

  • enthusiast88

    If Lexus keeps doing things like this, F-Sport is going to lose it’s validity and credibility.

    Good looking wheels though.

  • darkride

    Well this isn’t technically an F-Sport, more like the SportDesign seen previous on older model RX’s . I don’t really like the grill, I’m surprised they didn’t give an updated grill + lower fascia to fit the new “spindle” look. As for the wheels, they should have made them gunmetal (but I guess those are saved for “F-Sport” packages). Would be interesting to see if any of these become available on Sewell online. 

  • darkride

    Update: Just noticed they are available on Sewell. The grill says phone for pricing. Wheels are 275 each and exhaust tip is 105

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Lexus , why you no have spindle grille ?
    … I’m a bad drawer & I spell spindle grille wrongly .

  • Lexus LFA

    nice picture but u didnt depict the spindle grill to well

  • Brendan

    I like it. Anything that adds some personalization is a step in the right direction, as far as I’m concerned. Personally I think the grill looks great! I like the looks of the wheels as far as I can tell. Glad they’re not directional. 

  • Yong Thian Ding

    I’m not good skill … and spindle grille really not easy to apply on bold body car like Lexus GX .

  • DuDE

    The front bumper got to go!

  • krew

    Great effort — thanks for posting!

  • krew

    Thanks for looking into this — appreciate it.

  • krew

    I just find it confusing why F SPORT is on the floor mats and wheel caps. 

  • krew

    Can’t disagree.

  • krew

    Thanks for checking!

    (I would like to see some photos on the site — right now, there’s only a small image as far as I can tell.)

  • K20_2nr

    F SPORT is a brand owned by TMC.  This is a US developed package.

  • darkride

    Online these are all labelled as F-Sport parts if you want to order them. 

  • Yong Thian Ding

    My pleasure . :P

  • Yong Thian Ding

    TRD of Toyota also keep making floor map , wheels nut & so for various Toyota vehicle , from Prius to Crown … so it’s understandable that F-Sport would even do a cup holder for Lexus .

  • kwbuggy

    The new grille looks much better than the OEM one.  The OEM grille is too shiny and tooth like for my taste.

  • Travis

    Totally forgot that Lexus sale this thing..   Its really nice inside its a great suv to own but just something about… it needs more life into it its just so blah.

  • krew

    Now it makes sense — thanks for the clarification.

  • Mjcvalencia

    Distinctive! Perfect for my recently acquired GX. Now, how can I have one and deliver to the Philippines? 

  • Rwsmith5

    I have a GX 460 Model 2012 My park assist picture works fine on the navigation screen BUT… the beep – sound of the warning is very high pitched not loud. I have talked to the dealer and directly to lexus  in California. Neither seems to be able to help me. Anyone out there have any ideas that might help make the sound louder? I came close to backing into someone the other day because I couldn’t hear the warning beep. Thanks Dick Smith

  • Lowell Ward

    Are the higher ups at Lexus hard of hearing,,, why don’t they just make the darn 2013, 2014 spindle grill for the GX. They already got away with a fast one when they added it to the RX line after everyone brought the 2010, 2011 and 2012 models. My wife believes that they have done this because of the Toyota scandal a couple of years back when people died due to greed and ineptitude. She said they had to recoup the losses after the lawsuit payout. I think she was right. Lol

  • dhgjatg

    The whole design needs to go!