Lexus LS Undergoes Brutal Convertible Transformation

Lexus LS Cabriolet

Normally, I wouldn’t even link to this video of a second-gen Lexus LS having its roof chopped off during some idiotic demonstration at Stance Wars in Belgium, but I’ve been receiving email about it all day.

(What an absolute waste — I didn’t even bother watching.)

Don’t watch this video (via Carscoop)


  • Yong Thian Ding


  • Ljn71

    Why random vandalism makes for good entertainment is beyond me.

  • Philippe Bouvier

    this barbarian wants the same car that Prince Albert of Monaco

  • Matt Spinak

    Wow. Crazy … lol 

  • krew

    I was going to make a similar joke, but was having a hard time laughing. ;-)

  • Phililippe Bouvier

    I don’t like that kind of show too. That to me it’s an insult to the hard work of passionate people have provided to produce a car of this quality.