Photo Spotlight on the Lexus LFA & Toyota Supra

Lexus LFA & Toyota Supra Photoshoot

Photographer Kevin King Uy just emailed me these photos of the Lexus LFA with a Mark IV Toyota Supra:

The Supra, along with the 2000GT, are the two high watermarks of Toyota performance production models, and make up at least part of the LFA’s history — great to see these two cars together.

(Thanks Kevin!)


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Need 2000GT too !

  • Sora Yi

    Two of my favorite cars in the entire world side by side. Now if only they were the right color and that Supra had a TRD kit on it…

  • BOSS

    I’ve always told friends and car enthusiast that the the LFA looks like a modernize Supra, I know the price is a huge comparison but just look at the overall shape and a few different angles here and there and you get what I mean, does anybody else see a bit of Supra in the LFA? or is it just me lol

    • Roman Pogoretskiy

      Dude, I know what you’re talking bout. That long hood and absolute design harmony in both cars. They’re aggressive in their own unique ways…..

  • 05RollaXRS

    LFA in Vancouver, BC Canada.

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    The LFA makes the Supra look all sweet and innocent…….

    LFA is pissed off, man!!

  • Winston Williams

    With all those body kits allowing people to turn MR2s into Ferraris and so forth, one must wonder if one will pop up allowing you to turn a supra into a LFA

  • Travis

    Something looks off about that Supra. .     I think the wheels are too big.

    • Austin Cooper

      yeah they might be, but i think a nice looking front lip would help reduce that “off look”. The supra just kinda looks too high IMO. Still awesome tho