Steel Grey Lexus LFA Arrives in USA

Steel Gray Lexus LFA

The very first Steel Gray Lexus LFA has arrived in the USA and been delivered to its owner, Dan Davidson, who also happens to own the Lexus of Riverside dealership in California.

(Definitely one of the better colors — I’d love to see Steel Grey as a standard color in the Lexus lineup.)

Steel Gray Lexus LFA Photos (Music Warning)


  • Ljn71

    I too would love to see this colour on the rest of the Lexus range.

  • Travis

    Even better then the nebula grey GS… ¬† ¬†Lexus really does have the best paint factory paint jobs

  • Jason Collin

    Very classy looking….except for the chrome wheels.

  • Joshd

    another owner of the dealership getting an LFA… Now I know why service is so expensive, and not that great… :/