2013 Lexus RX Information on Lexus USA Website

2013 Lexus RX 350 F Sport

The Lexus USA website has been updated with information, photos and pricing on the 2013 RX 350, RX 350 F Sport, & RX 450h.

(Can’t wait to start seeing the new update out on the road — especially the RX F Sport.)

Visit the Lexus USA website (Thanks everyone!)


  • BlackDynamiteNY

    Pretty surprised the F-Sport is priced above the Hybrid.
    If anything, I would adjust the pricing to make room for the F-Sport somewhere in the middle

    RX FWD: $39k
    RX AWD: $41k
    RX F-Sport:  $43k
    RX Hybrid: $45k

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AVBALQBRIEZAYIYBYLPL6TUC5M buddy

      Man after some options have been added on its going to be pushing 50k+. 

  • James

    Just wait for the F Sport GX package…

    • Jake

      I think the F Sport package for both LX and GX will only arrive after they have been restyled and truly converted into a Lexus, and not just a brand swapping with a Toyota. If Lexus wants to be competitive in this market, it needs more differentiation between the LX, GX and the Land Cruiser, FJ, Sequoia.

    • http://lexusenthusiast.com krew


  • Shane From Australia

    I like the spindle-grille update of the RX … makes the soft-roader more mature looking. However, introducing the F-Sport derivative is a great move and one i reserve no-doubt will be popular. 

  • Dishant Gandhi

    When does it arrive at dealerships

    • Jake

      It is already out in Japan.

      I believe it will hit the US dealers by may or june.

    • http://lexusenthusiast.com krew

      Yeah, it won’t be long now.

  • car7nut

    The horizontal grille suits the RX better than the out going one.
    What do you think of the color Fire Agate Pearl for the RX? I have not seen this color in a Lexus but the pictures look nice.

    • http://lexusenthusiast.com krew

      It’s a pretty unique color — really has to be seen. I imagine it will be a pretty rare color, though.

    • jwags

      its brown. i have it and it does hide dirt. red i think is a better color. is it just me or are all car manufacturers going BLAND in the color schemes???

  • jwags

    the 2013 350es isn’t a great car and lacks basic engineering you would expect in a $43,000 car.