Photo: Matte Grey Lexus IS from Germany

Huge fan of this matte grey Lexus IS that Vossen posted to Instagram:

Matte Grey Lexus IS with Camouflage Roof

I understand that the owner lives in Germany, in which case — absolut erstaunlich, gut gemacht!

[Source: Vossen Instagram]

Update: Turns out there’s a full photo gallery of this IS over on the Vossen website.


  • Guest

    Nice car but I’m getting tired of Vossens on everything!

  • BOSS

    What’s up with the camo? lol

    • jruhi4

      Exactly! I was kinda liking it until I saw that ridiculous camo on the roof.

  • Adfas

    probably one of the ugliest IS I have seen… 100% from da hood

  • Thomas .

    Ugly paint, ugly wheels and ugly “drop”! It came from the factory a classy car, now it has turned into a clown-mobile. Not good!

  • MT

    Next LS will get PCS that detects pedestrians AND brakes the car to a complette stop before impact with the pedestrian. Works up to 40 kph.