Video: Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lexus Manufacturing

Lexus has released a behind-the-scenes video that looks at the vehicle manufacturing process:

Seeing the handmade skill and attention that goes into building a Lexus gets to the heart of why I’m so proud to be an owner — behind every detail, there’s a detail.

[Source: Lexus Global]


  1. Lexus will forever be the best of the best.!!! [+]
  2. Yeah Lexus are the highest quality cars on the planet..
  3. The BEST cars !!!
  4. I assume they don't do this for every single car out there? If they did inspect every crankshaft by hand how long and how many people will it take to do so?
  5. The pursuit of perfection!!!
  6. Damn, I got an hard one in my pants after seeing this.
  7. Im not sure if every crankshaft is "touched " by hand but unpacking one of the many lexus / Toyota drive line parts we deal in I often see 3 marks from checking at the same spot. A blu one if a hole is drilled, a yellow if thread has been cut and a whit one for the final check of that component. Yes, you need a lot of people to do that but its the whole spirit and Japanese dedication that creates the level of quality. In my opinion this is not possible in another part of the world, at least not when we talk about a product that still needs a lot of human hands. Overhere we can feel the difference between the same product made in Japan or Soth Africa or Uk or Thailand. Not only with Lexus / Toyota. And it also shows in the warranty and technical issues. A Yazaki odometer lives forever while a Siemens wil, after years of use, give you problems. Just a fact.
  8. Good footage ... enjoyed watching the clip. Thanks for the link !
  9. I have these videos on a loop in my dealership on a plasma screen. Customers love it