Video: Lexus IS F Engine Installed in Toyota 86

While only partially Lexus-related, this mashup of the Toyota 86 with the IS F’s 5.0L V8 is pure wild:

Driven by Manabu “MAX” Orido, this monster 86 F was built for this year’s Japanese D1 Grand Prix Series.

(Thanks Ryan!)


  • Coryn_hughes

    Big fan of Orido going back to his RSR Stroked Supra days.

  • Crux

    Ummm… Wow!?

  • darkride

    If the rumours are true about next-gen IS being built on stretched Toyota 86 platform, wonder if we will see a Coupe IS version or IS-F. 

    • Ljn71

      I’ve heard the next IS will use the GS-platform.

      • Sebastien Kroetsch

        The IS as always and will again use the GS plateform. This 86-V8 combination is just plain crazy. Now if Toyota could just have enough balls to built it for real and let normal poeple enjoy a little bit of the LFA’s inimaginable fun to drive, it would be one BOLD statement.

    • Yong Thian Ding

      Toyota 86’s platform belongs to Subaru though .

  • Ljn71

    I would’ve thought the 86’s engine bay was to cramped for that engine. Shows what I know. ;-)

  • Мохамед Абдулрахман Рамадан

    wide the second concept the Scion one with that ISF engine and stretch it a lil bit then put Supra name on it
    please please please

  • Yong Thian Ding

    2UR-GSE … still Toyota engine , so still have inside source .

  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    So that’s what a manual IS-F sound like. For sure the exhaust isn’t the same but if this is a glimpse of the next generation IS-F, BMW should be scared as hell.

  • thesis writing

    Thanks for the video

  • Yishai

    Is Toyota-Lexus working on a Nissan Godzilla killer?

  • Lexus LFA

    Why did toyota do this lexus is a lexus and toyota is a toyota dont make them combine. yes i already know that lexus takes toyota engines and im totally agasint it 

    • dnpa

      Honestly… Lexus does not take Toyota engines… Lexus engines ARE Toyota engines!

      • Y-zinger8

        I think the word you’re looking for is “were.” Lexus engines “were” Toyota engines: add tighter tollerances, higher compression, better performance.

  • Daniel

    Holy crap! love it

  • Gani Ismakovic

    that bumper, i want it