Next-Generation 2013 Lexus ES to Debut at New York Auto Show

Lexus has announced that the all-new sixth-generation ES will debut next week at the New York Auto Show — a teaser image was also released (click for a large version):

2013 Lexus ES Teaser

This cropped look at the new ES headlight confirm the leaked photos we last month out of China:

2013 Lexus ES Leak

As for the details of the ES debut, here’s a quote from the press release:

The sixth-generation ES model introduces a progressive new design featuring the Lexus signature spindle grille and a new dynamic driving experience.

The Lexus press conference will take place on Wednesday, April 4th at 11:20 a.m. EDT at the New York International Auto Show. It will be on display in the Lexus exhibit from April 6-15, 2012.

I’ll be in attendance at the NY Auto Show to bring you live updates & photos — very excited to see this new ES in person.

[Source: Lexus]


  • Jake

    It might be just me, but I don’t actually like the “gap” between the spindle grille and the hood. Anyway, I’m very excited to see its debut, I’ll enjoy your live coverage Kevin!

    • WorldofLuxury

      That bothers me a bit too. It looks really awkward on just about any brand that has it, but it does give the grille a cleaner look.

    • asdub

       I agree Jake – the line breaks the shape of the hood – it’s pointless – why is it there – it would look much better if there was no gap/line  – that would ensure a longer hood shape – which would look more elongated and elegant

    • krew

      I never like to judge a car from cell phone photos, but I’m not really sure about this hood line either. I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos so we can get a real look at it (and the rest of the car as well).

  • David G.

    I’m not feeling the gap either but I’ll wait to judge until tsome real Pictures come out and I see it in person.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    I like everything but that hoodline.  That’s a swing and a miss……

  • Crux

    I 3rd that. The gap between the grille and hood is pretty chunky. Waiting to see more high quality pictures with different angles. I want to see if the lighting will make a difference then we shall cast judgement. 

  • Justin

    Yep, I’m with you guys. The fact that the hood doesn’t stretch down to the grille smacks of penny-pinching. The nose looks like an add-on. Needs sorting now.

    • Thomas

      I can guarantee that nothing will be sorted this close to production start.

    • Jake

      TBH, the Chinese leaked photos pretty much show the production model so I don’t expect any late adjustments for neither the spindle grille nor the gap between the hood and the grille.

    • krew

      Agree with Jake & Thomas — what’s done is done.

  • LexusES<3

    I love it! Kind of agree with the whole gap thing too; I also dont really love the fog light design. Its looks good on the RX because its in SUV/Crossover. I feel for a sedan it needs a little more like the GS has.

  • Joshd

    eh, I’m not a fan, The interior is what gets me from the leaked images… 

  • Jay

    Hope the press photos will show the ES in black, it might conceal the gap altogether.

  • RAL

    Just to see . . . I did a little adjusting . . .

    • Mike DeLorca

      Much smoother and definitely better flow—-one thing it will do is keep each and every model a bit unique in it’s recognition.  The overall smooth design may be saved for the new generation Flagship LS which of course we want to be the best of the line-up,

    • Jake

      Much better. That gap completely destroys the flow the smoothnes of this car. It makes the spindle grille look like it was added aftermarket.

    • krew

      Nice work!

      I’m really holding out on a final judgement until I see the new ES in person — I’ve been burned too many times by judging a car by cell phone photos on the Internet.

  • Robert Ladaga

    This is absolutely atrocious. Not sleek or elegant by any means. 

  • asdub

    much better – that is more like it – nice job!!

  • Richard

    I’m scared that the Toyota Avalon, also being introduced in NYC, may be the better looker of the two; may take away sales… I know it is all Toyota money, but the ES is their big seller.

  • steven

    The way the taillights are designed and the way the hood pops over the grille, this new ES looks similar to the 4th generation ES. I like it. The headlamps look crazy with all those gears. 

  • Rashad35

    The line break is a killer for this car and a deal breaker for me (no pun intended). I may sit out this generation or look somewhere else.

  • Lexus LFA

    Personally I only like the spindle grill on the GS F sport

  • Rockdog

    That gap on the hood looks real bad !!!
    Didn’t the designer see it, or are they trying to save money?

  • Rob

    I’m going to have to look at the C class now!
    that hood is messed up, waited forever for the new ES to come out and
    they mucked up the lines of the car.

    • krew

      I wouldn’t judge the car solely on these cellphone camera shots — just wait until the car debuts at the NY Auto Show this week.

  • Jake

    Tomorrow’s the day! When will your live coverage begin Kevin?

    • krew

      Bright and early — I’m planning to be at the Javits Center around 8am (so probably 9am, ;-).

  • Pavanjit Dhunna

    Look at this guys the new es

  • Pavanjit Dhunna

    Look at this pic guys the new es looks great!