Curbside Classic Remembers the 1991 Lexus ES 250

Lexus ES 250For a complete change of pace from the latest & greatest, Curbside Classic is running a story of an old 1991 Lexus ES 250 and its travels from owner to owner across the state of Oregon.

(Not too many first-gen ES 250s left, at least in my area — I’ve only seen one in the last year or so.)

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  • WorldofLuxury

    There have some that were in pretty good condition, and they’re quite something. The 2nd generation was definitely a game changer though.

    • Brad

      I certainly agree.Mine was the toughest vehicle I ever owned,next to my ’88 4Runner!

  • Jdaugherty

    as much as i love Lexus vehicles i really cant stand the first gen ES. Although i know a lady who is 93 and has her 91 ES that only has 94,000 miles on it.