Photos of the Lexus Display at the Geneva Motor Show

Just to wrap up the Geneva Motor Show coverage, I have to share these photos of the Lexus display posted on the Lexus UK Facebook page:

Lexus Geneva Display 2

Lexus Geneva Display 1

Lexus Geneva Display 3

Lexus Geneva Display 4

Really impressed by the minimalist approach, especially the mirrored rows of the performance and hybrid models. Beautifully done.

[Source: Lexus UK Facebook]


  • Crux

    Beautifully designed. Well done chaps. 

  • DNelson

    No ISF???

    • krew

      No IS at all.

  • Noel Farrugia

    Y U NO PUT ISF on show?!

  • Mike DeLorca

    I think that means the IS is going to very special….not detracting from the new GS and refreshes shown…..IT WILL COME!    I am anxious to see all of the new generations of ES, IS, and LS in the flesh……..can’t wait !

  • Steven

    It looks like they only displayed the hybrid line. I guess it also means Lexus has officially taken the HS out of the hybrid line.

    • Dimitry James

      The HS is not available in Europe, so no need to display it over here.

  • Dimitry James

    I was there yesterday. Isn’t that in the top picture a black IS F? I saw a mercury grey IS 250 as well as a black IS F, so it was there ;-)

    • krew

      I thought that was a GS 450h F Sport — you would know better than I would. :-)

  • Jb

    I seriously don’t understand how anyone in USA could choose an BMW or Mercedes over Lexus!

    Lexus are just so good

    • LexusLVR

      Maybe because people have different tastes when it comes to cars? Also, BMW and Mercedes offer far more models and variations of those models than Lexus does, including a number of convertibles and sporty cars.

      I own both a Lexus and a Mercedes.

  • RAL

    simple is better . . .

    • Mike DeLorca

      TRUE…..Such a class act !   Less is more and simple is better…..