Pearl Brown Lexus LFA with Orange Leather Interior

Lexus Escondido has just taken delivery of a Pearl Brown Lexus LFA with an orange interior:

Pearl Brown Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Orange Interior

Lexus LFA Orange Interior

We’ve seen Pearl Brown once before, and my opinion hasn’t changed — while it would never be my first pick, I remain a fan. The orange leather interior, on the other hand, just doesn’t do anything for me at all.

[Source: Lexus Escondido Facebook]

Update: This LFA actually arrived at Lexus Escondido last June, and not recently as I first suggested.

Update 2: Looks like this LFA wasn’t delivered to Lexus Escondido at all — it’s actually the same Pearl Brown LFA from Herb Chambers Lexus.


  • Tremen

    This is the ugliest color combination ever. Seriously fugly…

    • Sora Yi

      No, I’m pretty sure the lime green was the ugliest color combination ever, never mind whatever the interior of that was colored. IMO Pearl Brown isn’t bad, though it wouldn’t be my first choice either.

      • krew

        Exactly my opinion as well.

  • jonathan

    Just think, someone actually thought this might be a good color combination.  Someone who had serious money.

    Folks, when Lexus chose a color swatch for their new GS, these choices were agonized over by professionals with known skills for picking colors that make rich folks feel better about themselves.  If this abomination is anything to go by, perhaps the Lexus pros are working too hard.

  • Darren Seeman

    I don’t get it… it says that the Facebook photos were uploaded “about 8 months ago” and the first couple of comments on the photos are from June 2011.  Was this car really just delivered?

    • krew

      Entirely my mistake, I’ve updated the post to reflect the correct date.


  • Kkingss

    1 de  butano por favor!!! 

  • Jbit

    Some of these colour combos are terrible!!

  • Ljn71

    If you ask me,a radical car needs radical colours. If I were one of the fortunate 500,my LFA would have an orange exterior and orange and cream interior.

    • Ljn71

      My fondness for orange comes from my love of 70’s Toyotas which always look hot in orange.

    • krew

      I believe an orange exterior/brown interior would look great, but there’s something about orange leather that doesn’t sit well.

  • RAL

    looks like a tangerine exploded!

  • Joshd

    it sorta looks like a giant turd or Southwest Airlines brown lol.  Definitely not for me.  

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Doo-Doo brown with orange peel?

  • krew

    Looks like this LFA wasn’t delivered to Lexus Escondido at all — it’s actually the same Pearl Brown LFA from Herb Chambers Lexus.

  • Twan29

    Did yall see the LFA- H 600hp

  • CPTObvious

    Gosh these colors are ugly. Makes the LFA look like a huge turd with a clowntastic interior. The owener shouldn’t be allowed near A car, let alone this engineering masterpiece.

  • Frankie-Lissete Rivera

    This is the reason I became a Lexus fan…this sexy car cought my eyes