First Generation Lexus LS 400 & LFA Together

By way of the Lexus Europe Twitter account comes this photo of a Lexus LFA and a mint first-generation LS 400:

Lexus LFA & Lexus LS 400

Taken in Long Island at Lexus of Massapequa, both the LFA & LS belong to John Staluppi, who also owns the dealership.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  • Tim Fox

    Not even close.. the LFA along with the LF-Lc is a Supra Mk5

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    He seems to like silver Lexus cars, I’m guessing……

  • Ttr2

    The LS400 is a legendary car

  • Joe Z


  • Joe Z

    One of the first pics the dealership took when it first received LFA #069, back in April of 2011.

    But you also covered this LFA once before. See link below…

  • WorldofLuxury

    Whoa! Great job!

  • DuDE

    The LFA’s brakes are the same size of that of the LS’s rims XD

  • joshd

    Glad the owner of the dealership tried selling his beloved LFA… but at least he’s doing well.  lol 

  • Anonymous

    That LS400 looks fantastic, like brand new! Is it for sale? It’s remarkable how timeless the original LS400 design has become… & what’s that 2-door thing on top of the 4-door beauty? :-p