Scott Pruett Talks about the New Lexus GS

In response to a recent Facebook fan poll, Lexus has put together a video featuring race car driver Scott Pruett talking about the new GS 350’s driving performance:

Scott was one of the drivers offering GS F Sport hotlaps at SEMA, and was clearly impressed with the way the sedan performed — in fact, Ryan from Club Lexus filmed one of our laps (that’s me in the front seat):

(Truth be told, it amazed me that Scott was able to drive that tight little autocross track and still form coherent sentences.)


  • Yong Thian Ding

    I like how the new GS sounds !

  • WorldofLuxury

    I get sweaty just from driving my ES 350 because it doesn’t have the passing power of my LS 400!

  • Crux

    I thinks its time to trade in the ol’ geezer ES for a GS buddy! 

    • WorldofLuxury

      I should! I have the most random garage: LS, LX, and then an ES!

  • jruhi4

    Kevin, if you think “Scott (being) able to drive that tight little autocross track and still form coherent sentences” was amazing, you should’ve seen him doing that at the IS F launch driving at Laguna Seca full blast and half-drifting with Ryan and I riding shotgun.

    Definitely an experience I will never forget…

    • WorldofLuxury

      You guys are very good at making me jealous. :P

  • WorldofLuxury

    Krew!!! Someone has posted a pic of the new RX!

  • R armour

    I want to hear comments from someone who is not on the Lexus payroll.  

  • 05RollaXRS

    It is very pathetic how they dubbed in the first video the sound with an E60 M5 V10 engine sound on the GS (yes, it is 100% M5 V10 engine sound). Why on earth would they want to make something deceptive like that?

    • CRCR7

      and they did that to the second video too??