Lexus LFA #069 for Sale on eBay

Lexus LFA for Sale on eBay

There’s a new Lexus LFA for sale on eBay — this time, it’s Lexus of Massapequa in Long Island, New York, that’s offering the #069 LFA in Metallic Silver for the buy-it-now price of $386,400 USD.

Although two previous LFAs (see: one, two) have been seen on eBay, both were pulled before their end dates — it will be interesting to see if this one lasts for the two weeks remaining in the auction.

View the Lexus LFA eBay Auction (Thanks Charles!)

Update: As expected, this auction has now been pulled.


  • Mike CJ

    Why would a dealer demean the product and the brand by putting an LFA into an Ebay auction?

  • Evn

    Another fake/scam listing. Just like the other ones, the listing will get taken down eventually.

  • WorldofLuxury

    Is this supposed to give them some sort of attention?! That’s a fun number, and I’m guessing that if someone is willing to provide a happy sum up front, this might either go through or come to an end.

  • joshd

    might have to drive down and check it out lol 
     happy holidays to me :p 

  • joshd

    345 miles seems like a lot for a new car… maybe a certified pre-owned.  Can they can sell as a “new” car 


    Surely as scam like the other two earlier in the year—–really sad !

  • Travis

    Sexy car

  • Jason Collin

    First thing that would have to go though on this LFA are the horrid chrome wheels.  And I agree with @joshd that 345 miles is NOT a new car, at least not to me.  Seeing that now would stop me from buying this LFA unless there were absolutely no others available.

  • Expoc2

    Already taken down….

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Hard to see how that car hasn’t been titled with that much mileage.
    No dealer worth his salt is test driving it hundreds of miles!

  • Brad

    I have to agree!Not a color combination I would have chosen my self,but I have to admit,it looks pretty good.One of the darker wheel choices would make it look quite stunning.

  • lexus owner