Driven Car Review of the 2013 Lexus GS

The next 2013 Lexus GS review comes from Driven Car Reviews, who have turned in this extremely thorough (and enjoyable) nine-minute video review:

Best of all, this video gives a strong example of how the new GS sounds all revved up, which is definitely a highlight feature and makes for an excellent aural soundtrack while driving.

[Source: Driven Car Reviews]


  • Anonymous

    Great positive review! Looking forward to it! 

  • BOSS

    The F-Sport is so nice!! I wonder how much they gonna charge extra for it, hope its not an arm and/or a leg.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Very nicely done!
    I expect comparison tests after the holidays

  • F1

    Wow incredible, just wow.. Funny how the 5 series had body roll

  • joshd

    Cool video.  I really like the way the blue looked in a few of the cutaway shots they used.  Also no AWD on the hybrid… :( (Does AWD really help in NY winters on a non-SUV?)