Autocar Reviews the Lexus GS 250 F Sport

Lexus GS 250 F Sport

Autocar has posted a review of the Lexus GS 250 F Sport, a car I didn’t even know existed until yesterday:

Perhaps the real highlight of this car is the engine. It’s got a suitably rorty exhaust note and revs nicely throughout its powerband. But while the engine is the high, the six-speed automatic it is mated to is the biggest disappointment.

It feels genuinely refreshing to drive a naturally aspirated V6 petrol engine in a car in the GS’s class, especially at the range’s entry point.

It was hard not to feel some nervousness when Lexus announced they would be going with a 2.5L V6 in the GS — at first blush, it wouldn’t seem to be enough power — so Autocar naming it as the highlight of the car has a certain significance. Even their obligatory mention of “no diesel engine” is surprisingly complimentary:

While Lexus may suffer in the market with no diesel as the decision to offer no engine smaller than this one will prevent many potential sales, those who still crave a genuinely good-to-drive saloon with a part-time sporty edge – and a V6 petrol engine under the bonnet – should add the new GS to their shopping list.

One thing that the online review doesn’t show is the final rating — the GS 250 F Sport received 4/5 stars.

Read the full Autocar GS 250 Review (Thanks Radek & Wooski!)


  • Pattebb

    Oh i really hope they make a wagon on this model…and with rwd then i would buy one right away.
    “Krew “tell Lexus to make a WAGON…I will tell my Lexus dealer anyway…lol

  • Yong Thian Ding

    No one need a more speed transmission when 6-speed can be lighter , easier to repair & most important … smoooooth .

  • F1

    It’s a good car, it’s main market USA, I don’t think people would choose a 2.5L engine and even if diesel was available, no one would opt for it..

    3.5L V6 is beautiful engine

  • Wooski

    They’ve also posted a review of the GS450h F Sport here –

    What catches the eye with the GS450h is the official Euro numbers – 47.9 combined mpg and just 137g CO2 which are outstanding.  137g is way down on the “below 145g” Lexus first promised.  This takes the car down from band F to band E for road tax which is amazing for a car of this performance.

  • Kohipeet
  • Kohipeet
  • F1

    Nice videos, the GS seems very nice in every aspect I see

  • F1

    Nice Videos, the Lexus GS seems nice in every aspect

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Lexus would be better off with a 250HP engine to take on the 528i
    Plenty of sales to be had in the mid $40’sBD