Flickr Find: Black Lexus IS F at Night

Photographer Zandro of Zandbox Photo has put together a stunning set of Lexus IS F night shots:

Zandbox Lexus IS F Three Quarter View

Zandbox Lexus IS F Side Profile

This is just a selection from the set, make sure to check out the full gallery over on Flickr.

[Source: Zandbox Photo Flickrstream]


  • BOSS

    I love the factory Lexus black paint, it’s really shiny! a lot better than the G35 coupe in the past and I’ve compared it with the last gen 5 series as well. After I do a normal soap+water wash job on it, it looks like it was polished and wax, gotta love the black Lexus paint.

  • Rarmour

    If these are actual photos then they are so heavily processed that they appear computer generated. Nothing like a real photo to actually understand what a car looks like in real life. These comes off as junk.

    • krew

      That may be the case, but these photos are hardly “junk” — pulling off photos of a black car at night is not an easy task. 

    • 831mingyang

      I’m guessin you’re not a Lexus owner.

  • custom essays

    Gorgeous!))Waht a car!

  • Travis

    imo I like the stock wheels better

    • 834mingyang

      Those are the stock wheels. I know bc I sell Lexus for a living and live and breath any thing TOYOTA’s.

      • 834mingyang is a dumbass

        These are not the stock wheels.