Crazy Toyota Aurion/Lexus LS Mutant Mashup

I can barely believe this Toyota Aurion/Camry & Lexus LS mod mashup:

Can’t even imagine the amount of time spent putting this LSurion together — like it or not, you can’t fault the owner for his creativity.

Update: The video has been taken down for whatever reason, and unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy. Sorry everybody!


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Personally don’t like the Wide Body Kit & how the interior is done … but the Aurion/Camry headlights & taillights is amazingly fits on LS400 !

  • Llamaboiz

    nice work on the fenders but too bad the offsets are too weak for the mod.

  • Winston Williams

    Mad Mike from MTV’s Pimp My Ride must be somewhere feeling all warm inside… check that sound system in the trunk.. 

  • Fybydmf

    Crazy work.. But Aurion isn’t available in north America, right? You guys get the Avalon

  • Travis

    Video was removed.

    • Amf1932

      What a shame……I was really looking forward to seeing this video.