Lexus End of Summer Event in San Jose This Weekend

Lexus EOS EventIf you’re in the San Jose area this Sunday, Lexus of Stevens Creek is hosting the tenth annual End of Summer (EOS) Lexus owners meet.

Judging from the event details, this will be one for the ages — not only will there be hundreds of owner vehicles, but EOS X will also feature a Lexus History exhibit, with an example of every Lexus model ever made.

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  1. Wow, wish I was in the Cali to go, sounds like a fun and interesting meet.
  2. Both my car and I will be there! 
  3. F1

    San Jose is an awesome place..
  4. Wanted to share this pic I took at EOSX... it was an awesome meet. The history exhibit (Inside the dealership) was split up into 2 areas, plus with the huge crowds, so it was hard to take a pic.  There were a bunch more cars parked inside, as well as an LFA!
  5. So awesome. Thanks for sharing!