New Lexus LFA Driver Development Program in November

Lexus LFA Driver Development Program

Good news for anyone that’s ever wanted to drive the Lexus LFA — I’ve just been told that Lexus USA will be hosting another LFA Driver Development program at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California, from November 2-5th.

Meant primarily as a LFA owner orientation, this program is open to anyone — though at $2,995 for a single day on the track, you do have to pay dearly for the experience.

This past March, I was lucky enough to attend the first run of this program, and it was one of the greatest days of my life — truly an event I will never forget (even if there wasn’t this video of my experience). Can’t recommend it highly enough.

If interested, you can contact Shawn Jackson at the Lexus Driver Development Center: 1-877-229-9855, or you can download this PDF for the full details:

Download the Lexus Driver Development Brochure


  • Rinoa1988

    really want to go, is this 2995 for 5 days? or only one day..

  • Anonymous

    I WANT TO!!! >.<

  • krew

    This is a single day event — I’ve revised the post to make that clearer.

  • Yong Thian Ding

    I thought it said “new Lexus LFA Development Program” … :o
    Sorry , I was asleep … XD

  • krew

    There probably would have been more !!! in the title. ;-)


    Where is the brochure?

  • krew

    Oops — link has been fixed.


    Still getting the Error.  Link still broken.

  • krew