2012 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport Video

Here’s a quick look at a 2012 Nebula Gray Pearl Lexus IS 350 with the full F-Sport treatment:

It took a little while, but these optional 19″ F-Sport wheels have grown on me — they certainly look great in this video.

[Via: Kaizen Factor Twitter]


  1. Joe

    Cool ! Nice looking wheels & great exhaust sound!  Too bad the 350 has never been available in W-Europe.  Even if it sold peanuts, it would have been perfect for image building in the pre-hybrid period... :-/
  2. Cool video!! The color doesn't look bad either.  I wish my 2011 IS F-Sport was decked out with ALL of that stuff!
  3. Cool video. Love the new grey. It's called Mercury Grey or Dark Grey Mica here in Canada depending on the model. I still don't understand why the color has three different names.
  4. Awesome commercial and some great footage in there. Now, only if they could make a 6 speed manual IS350, I would seriously consider it as my second car.
  5. I'm waiting for GS350 F-Sport ... :P
  6. F1

    It's amazing to think that this IS is like 6 yrs old and yet it's still so fresh..
  7. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE the f-sport goodies but wouldn't it cost nearly the same to just get the ISF?
  8. FINALLY, some beautiful wheels from Lexus, although they normally save the best looking rims for the IS series anyway. The 18" dark graphite wheels from the 2011 F-Sport also look great! But I would LOVE those 19's on my car.  Love the Nebula Grey color. very attractive. Too bad the F-Sport models dont come with the F-Sport Exhaust or Brake upgrades.
  9. MAN thats good looking !   Looking better then the 335 and the C-Class ! Prob handles and goes better then them too ! The cars needs to be reviewed more by the Auto Mags... not alot of people know about theis F-Sport.