Lexus IS Commercial: Racecar

The new Lexus IS commercial released today features a clever little twist:

Combined with last year’s “Music Track” commercial, Lexus has built up precision as a defining characteristic of the IS, and in my mind, it works really well. Stunning visuals, to say the least.

Here’s a cute little detail about the title from an email I received:

…for those curious about the title of the commercial, “Racecar,” it was so named because it is a palindrome, meaning that “Racecar” can be read the same way backwards and forwards.


  • Feliciano S. Ababon

    cool IS…here’s hoping the next gen IS will be more striking with the new bold design Lexus has revealed in the new GS..

  • Max_bramante

    Still modern and beautiful after 6 years, this car is a miracle. See what happened with the 3 series, outside the crappy quality (there are some interesting video on YT) that car was born ugly and the facelift did even worst.

    • Feliciano S. Ababon

      agree…was the IS first received the L-Finesse design or the GS? way back early 2000’s ?

      • krew

        The GS was the first vehicle to be designed using L-Finesse.

  • Wunko

    Color looks nice! Is this the new Nebula Gray Pearl color that is replacing the Smoky Granite Mica? 

    I also noticed this IS250 doesn’t have the LED DRLs.My favorite IS commercial still is the 2011 IS350 F-Sport one that does the drifting between the German cars.

    • krew

      Another great example of Lexus pairing the IS with “precision driving”.

  • Steven

    From looking at the wheel design, is this the AWD model? Some people have said that they don’t like the design but I really like them. I prefer those over the 5-spoke design on the RWD models. 

  • Yong Thian Ding

    R A C E C A R

    Best word … in the World .

  • Anonymous

    awesome commercial!!

  • F1t

    Yeah 6yrs and this looks more fresh then cars coming out today.. The 3 series has aged.. The c-class was newer then the Lexus IS and has aged..

    A4 always has looked ugly

  • professional resume

    isnt it amazingly beautiful!!!!!! like it!

  • HughDiego

    I like its door~