Poll Results: Lexus GS Coupe, GS-F, GS-F Coupe or GS Sportcross?

Lexus GS-F, GS Coupe, GS-F Coupe or GS SportCross

Last week, I asked what type of Lexus GS you would like to see after the sedan is released, and 1,243 votes later, here are the rather surprising results:

Lexus GS Poll Results

The GS-F was the #1 response (and my own personal pick) with 44.3% of the votes, but I would have never expected #2 to be the GS SportCross Wagon — and certainly not over a GS or GS-F coupe.

Admittedly, votes for a coupe would have been divided between the final two options, but I still can’t believe the GS-F coupe ranked last — in fact, I almost didn’t include it in the poll as I thought it would skew the results too much.

Thank you to everyone that voted, the results were very enlightening!


  • BOSS

    No suprise there! as I was one of the 44.3% :D

  • http://twitter.com/_CyCo Winston Williams

    GS F, added performance but with the same functionality

  • http://www.facebook.com/RDS.Alphard Yong Thian Ding

    GS-F is what I always wanted … you have a performance car but you can bring 4 .

  • Max_bramante

    But at least we need all of them!

  • BlackDynamite

    The pictures of the wagon have been better than the photoshops of the coupe

  • Anonymous

    If u ask me, i would say… Gs sport cross, Gs f, Gs coupe, and Gs cupe f… I think it is better u have
    a complet family before u do a f sport..But come with smaller engine options in Europe, like 2.0l turbo
    or 200hp hybrid engine…
    I think the Gs sport cross can look very nice, and with 4wd option, like Volvo x series, it will be very nice

  • http://www.facebook.com/RDS.Alphard Yong Thian Ding

    Guys ! There’s some spyshot about a LS-F (maybe) being test on Nurburgring !

  • Leeboit

    GS-F is a must..

    And GS wagon?.. Come on, this is Lexus not Audi

    • Humberto Patricio

      WAGON, WHY NOT???

      The major of Europeans normally buy a  car thinking on family and what
      it consumes at 100km!! Period!! We dont want coupes or muscle-cars, thats just a kind of luxury cars that are driven on weekend …

      Come to Europe and you will see what a 5.0 litters CO2 tax can increase on the total cost of a vehicle… ;)

  • Anonymous

    You probably have more european readers than you thought. Europeans don’t keep a couple of trucks around for “hauling stuff”, so the practicality of a wagon is significant. Also, when buying the one family car, why on earth would you buy a coupé? The streets are littered with 5-series, A6 and V70 wagons because they are the best cars you can buy. Sadly, the only Toyota alternative is the Avensis, which is not really competitive in that market. A GS300h SportCross would be perfect, but Lexus are targeting the US, and ignoring the european family car for discerning customers market. Also, who needs a GS F? I guess it would buy free marketing and approval from auto journalists, although they for the most part are anti-japanese asshats.

    • Humberto Patricio

      Im on of the Europeans that voted on the wagon, and I couldnt agree more with your  words! Congrats !! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lasse-J-Nordvik/100001045418399 Lasse J. Nordvik

    Being a big fan of old school Toyotas I deeply miss the very elegant 2-door versions Toyota used to make of popular 4-doors like the Crown,Cressida,Corona and would love to see a GS coupé. A SportCross would be nice too,and would help sales at least in Europe,but there’s always the excellent RX for those who want something more practical.