TechCrunch Reviews the 2011 Lexus LX 570

Lexus LX 570 Review from TechCrunchMuch like the MotherProof ES 350 review from yesterday, this 2011 Lexus LX 570 review from TechCrunch is outside of the usual auto-magazine perspective with its focus on interior technology.

All in all, the reviewer is incredibly impressed with the LX’s top-end amenities, especially regarding the ML sound system, and states the SUV “is at the top of the luxury SUV mountain.”

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see what they do to update this car! I hope it’s thorough! It needs to keep its off-roading pride while gaining more in luxury, especially the materials used! Oh… and maybe lose a little weight – a lot if possible!

    • Mike DeLorca

      I agree. This vehicle has the potential to outsell all of the competition…..even the Q56 is selling at unbelievable numbers and is not near the quality SUV. Lexus needs to out do themselves on this too. The Range Rover is also not near the vehicle and the numbers are pretty good in sales…..the LX doesn’t even have side turn signals on the side view mirrors……I love his vehicle….but come  now…….why is Lexus so slow to catch up to the autos that are taking their market share ?  

      • Anonymous

        aha That rear seat entertainment remote control look nasty. That’s one of my biggest complaints :P

      • krew

        Eh, it’s not fantastic, but it’s not all that bad either. The headphones are fantastic, though.

    • Travis

      Agree after seeing the new Lexus GS the next line of Lexus cars should really be good. 

  • LexusLV

    LX570 is the new Escalade!!!

  • Lexus1

    Truth is i work for a lexus Dealer in Houston and we are almost always
    sold out of this car and most people have to put a deposit down and wait
    to get one. They all pay full retail and which is why I would say it’s
    selling just fine.

    • Lexus69

      In Palo Alto I had to wait in line to my deposit down.  It took a lot of
      persuading but they were asking 10K over MSRP at the dealer but I
      brought down to 5K.  This one is worth it though!!!

    • Anonymous

      aha I know that from personal experience. Back when I was trying to get the newly-updated 2003 LX 470, all the dealers had only one LX available! And then there was the one 2002 model with a very dated interior… no side airbags, etc. lol

      • Mike DeLorca

        I agree with you—-I live in Houston as well and all 4 dealerships have one or two if any at all. I am a Lexus die hard owner—–I have owned 6 so far and have two at present. I just hate to see Lexus lose so much business for no reason. The sales figures for Q56 thru July 2011 YTD are approx. 6,656. Lexus YTD figures are in the 1,700 range and in the 1,877 for the entire year of 2010. Tell me that Lexus is not falling behind. I totally know that the LX is far superior. But, at the same time for a near similar price range and perceived similar vehicle the sales figures are not what Lexus can accomplish and really deserves. Tha tis my beef……

      • krew

        To be fair, the QX starts at $58k, whereas the LX starts at $79k. Significant difference.

  • F21

    This vehicle is the most popular Lexus in the Arab countries

  • Anonymous

    The 2 main speakers and a subwoofer of the 11-speaker Mark Levinson stereo that came standard in my 2003 Lexus LX 470 have been blown out! Trying to replace them has been a nightmare!!! The subwoofers themselves have claimed prices of $300 without tax, shipping, and labor! And going to local stereo shops… even the busted speakers sound better than all that’s available as replacements! Annoyingly, the difference is obvious!

    The Japanese speakers on my 1998 Lexus LS 400 has nothing on the Mark Levinson stereo, but they out-lasted the Mark Levinson system even though they had to undergo more torture!