Flickr Find: Lexus IS F in Miami

Miami-based AM Photography has put together a superb Flickr photo set of this silver Lexus IS F — here’s a small selection:

Lexus IS F AM Photography

Lexus IS F Front AM Photography

Lexus IS F AM Photography

And my favorite shot of the bunch:

Lexus IS F Double Trouble

Beautifully done — be sure to check out the rest of the photo set over at Flickr.

[Source: AM Photography’s Flickrstream]


  1. Hmmm ... looks good !
  2. OMGOMGOMG! LOVE! Hey Krew! Have you become nocturnal?
  3. Bad Boy Lexus. . .  :-)
  4. Beautifulf car, belongs to the owner of Fabshopmiami. He also own a very well done Supra.