Lexus GS 450h on 20″ Vossen VVSCV3 Wheels

Here’s something pretty cool — Club Lexus moderator 1SICKLEX and his Lexus GS 450h have been featured in the latest Vossen Wheels photo shoot:

Lexus GS VVS-CV3 Vossen Wheels

Lexus GS VVS-CV3 Vossen Wheels

Lexus GS VVS-CV3 Vossen Wheels

This marks the third time I’ve featured these VVSCV3 wheels (here’s the previous IS 250 & IS F), and every time, I’ve been super-impressed — the Matte Graphite finish of these wheels has to be my favorite, though.

[Source: Vossen Wheels]


  • Brenduro

    It looks great minus the fact you can see both horns so well through the grill opening. They need to be relocated with that grill.


    Love these rims soo much. However a GS gotta be rollin on 21’s or 22’s


    Krew thank you so much for the write-up and the compliments. The Vossen CV3’s are fantastic, I’ve bought multiple aftermarket wheels in the past and these are my favorite already. They are 20×9 in front and 20×10.5 in the rear. That is a real Carbon Fiber Blitz grill from Japan and other small mods. 

    Again thanks for the write-up! 



    Beautiful LEX Mike! these wheels are def. goin on my ISF!