Super-High Resolution Photos of the Lexus LFA (Plus Three Desktop Wallpapers)

To celebrate the debut of Hasselblad’s new H4D-200MS 200-megapixel camera, the UK’s Ripley & Ripley photographed a set of super supercars, including Lexus UK’s wonderful Pearl Blue LFA:

Lexus LFA 200 MegaPixel Camera Front

Lexus LFA 200 MegaPixel Camera Rear

Best of all, these two images (plus a third image) were offered with plain white backgrounds, making it easy to create these stunning desktop wallpapers:

Lexus LFA 200MP Camera Front

Lexus LFA Side Wallpaper

Lexus LFA Rear Wallpaper

Update: All the wallpaper links have been fixed.

[Source: Lexus UK]


  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    So gorgeous!!

  • Kaivo Soo

    fix last  pic 1280×1024 res  link pls

    • krew


  • Anonymous


  • Mike DeLorca

    Incredible shots—–looks like a space ship above coming for it’s magnificent creation below !
    How can anyone find fault with this truly ingenious marvel of automotive engineering and beauty ?

  • Anonymous

    No love for 2560×1440?? :/ … lol