Paris Hilton’s Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Paris Hilton

Photos of Paris Hilton and her white Lexus LFA surfaced this weekend — and I have to say, it has a super interior color combo:

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA Interior

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA Interior

Ms. Hilton received the LFA for her 30th birthday from nightclub owner boyfriend Cy Waits, which brings us to the kicker of this story — the couple have since separated (!!!).

[Source: The Daily Mail] (Thanks Michael & Roberto!)


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Hope she won’t crashed it .

  • essay writing

    Hot girl hot car!

  • Basil

    This car is THEE CAR..

  • Basil

    This car is THEE CAR..

  • Matt Wong

    Referring back to the older article, I thought she had a yellow one!

  • Brenduro

    I find it amusing she is too blonde to even bother to put the seatbelt in its holder above her left shoulder.

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    I don´t mean to be a snob,but the expression “pearls before swine” does come to mind. With would-be buyers having to pass mustard with Lexus before they´re allowed to buy one it seems a shame that a notoriously irresponsible driver who´s claim to fame is being a spoiled brat gets to own one.

  • Wunko

    Nice car. I wonder what other celebrities are getting the LFA too.

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    they broke up?  oh man how is she going to manage…her life sucks….. 

  • Mike DeLorca

    Curious how she got rid of the yellow LFA—-could it have been borrowed as makeshift gift to show an example and the special order not in yet. 


    Bad publicity for LEXUS?

  • Mike DeLorca

    In reply to Lexicon:   I too thought the same thing—-I was trying to be politically correct here, but, with all the hype of very special and VIP background checks—–Paris certainly does NOT fit the mold of the Lexus LFA intended owner profile……just saying….the color combo is fantastic though….we have seen the red and white along with the black and white, however, this is quite a refreshing look…I like !

  • Anonymous

    SWEET CAR!!! She’s the BOSS! aha

  • Mike DeLorca

    I retraced the previous article for her Birthday and it quotes Paris as saying the Yellow was a prank and the white LFA showed up later that was the actual gift for her——

  • Anonymous

    The yellow one was one of the prototypes that the potential owners tried out! It was available on her actual birthday.

  • Anonymous

    aha Let’s hope that the airbags in the seatbelts still work!

  • Travis

    Im not gonna lie… she looks hot getting out the car… the lfa looks beautiful…. but… WHAT A WASTE of a good car… its neva gonna do any real driving because she cant drive to begin with….

  • Jesse P.S

    Can someone Gone In Sixty Seconds that car and ship it to me please.

  • Ayo Doc Shugz Mkize

    Come on she is not even an enthusiast how can Lexus allow this happen while true supercar fans suffer from the limited production?

  • 2008ES

    This subject sparked 20+ pages of discussion at Club Lexus a while back.  I personally don’t see any harm to either brand.  She looks better in this car than the pink Bentley IMO.

  • krew

    I’ve softened my opinion on it — truth is, if you only sell to “enthusiasts”, no one outside of car blogs would know about the LFA. Lexus wants to reach the greater market, and this was a great opportunity. 

  • Abdul Rehman

    She has no thirst of this car,better to give it to me… I claim that no 1 has much desire than me for this car….

  • LexusOsama

    She so talented I have all her album and films!!!  She was talented in One Night in Paris.  They picked the right person to be the ambassador of the LFA!!!!

  • Barker

    They should film the sequel in the LFA. LOL

  • Lex_Beiber

    I wouldn’t mind banging her hard in the LFA!!!

  • Snig

    I saw her sex video last night and man can she suck on a lollipop!

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    Paris Hilton is my favorite hollywood actress!


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