Lexus IS 250 on 19″ Linea Corse 818 Wheels

Canibeat has a nice photo feature on a Starfire Pearl Lexus IS 250 with a nice set of 19″ Linea Corse 818 wheels:

Lexus IS 250 Canibeat

Lexus IS 250 Canibeat

Lexus IS 250 Canibeat

Owner Stan Wong has certainly gone for a clean, subtle look, with a set of D2 Racing Coilovers his only other mod — I’m really liking those wheels, they remind me of LFA Nürburgring racer design. One other cool detail, check out the Kic’s R40 Neo Chrome Lug Nuts:

Lexus IS 250 Canibeat

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  • Anonymous

    This is just right!!!

  • Travis

    so smooth….

  • enthusiast


  • Parham Sharon22

    Do you know if you have to lower the car in order to add the 19″ tires and wheels.  I would love to put these on my 2012 IS that I just ordered.  Is their any disadvantages to the bigger tires?  Will I lose the smoothness of the ride?  I’m a girl so I have no idea!  thanks.

  • Elassowipoh

    yo stan wong where did you get the caps that cover the holes for your front license plate?

  • Frankie-Lissete Rivera

    Very sexy

  • Lexus LFA

    i believe not i think it even makes it smoother it’s just a little more expensive

  • Jaye

    I went up from 19 to 20. And my ride is kick ass smoother. I would suggest if your paying the money go to 20. Anything bigger would look ghetto