TOM’S Releases Lexus CT 200h Cup Holders?

Lexus CT 200h Cup Holder by TOM'sTOM’S, the factory-authorized Lexus tuner in Japan, has taken a break from designing aero kits and turbochargers to release two CT 200h cup holders.

The first cup holder (¥8,400/$104 USD) is meant to be attached just below the driver side air vent, and the second (¥12,600/$154 USD) clicks into the spot meant for the media holder accessory — no word yet on availability, and likely JDM all the way.

Check out the TOM’S Lexus CT Cup Holders


  • Brenduro

    They need to make some for the back seat, since there are NONE back there!

  • V12mind

    JDM aftermarket cup holders?  totally worth it!…

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Cup holder ? What for ?

    For training driving without the water inside the cup spill out ? XD

  • Tamarisk

    Those are quite pricey.