Desktop Wallpaper: Lexus RX Panoramic Glass Roof

In my search for better images of the Lexus RX’s panoramic roof option, I came across these great photos on the Lexus Singapore website — conveniently, they were available in desktop wallpaper sizes:

Lexus RX 350 with Panoramic Roof

Lexus RX with Panoramic Roof Birds Eye view

Too bad this option isn’t available in North America, I’d like a chance to see it up close.


  • Anonymous

    My desktop resolution is 2560 x 1440 … :/

    Do you ever get pictures that big krew? 

    • krew

      Not in this case, but I do get images that big. I’ll add it to the resolutions with the next wallpaper. 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks :) 

  • enthusiast

    This really needs to be standard. It looks just great!
    Maybe make part of an Ultra Luxury package like on the ES 350.

  • Мохамед Абдулрахман Рамадан

    great catch knew

    thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!!!

  • Ochiko

    I really don’t understand why this panoramic roof version didn’t get into the US. Isn’t the US the number one market for the Lexus? Or is it Singapore or Middle East? :)

  • MW Car Designs

    Please can we have more desktop wallpapers? They’re so amazing!

  • Zaid

    Actually, this option is available in the middle east, but only on the highest trim level. But it doesn’t look so nice because an RX with this option doesn’t come with roof rails which, i think, sucks! ;p

  • Lexus Ben

    I’ve seen this roof optioned car in person….. yes very cool large moonroof area….. but it cannot be opened or tilted for that matter…. I really hope that Lexus will come out with a better version of this in the next gen RX model. and please make it available in North American market thanks

  • Kyaw Lynn

    How Glass Roof will give us Safety????

  • Alex

    Why isn’t the 1920×1080 link working anymore? I want it for the pic below. I live in Sweden and I have that car with that roof :(