Fifth Gear Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

UK TV show Fifth Gear included a short review of the Lexus CT 200h in their latest episode (jump to 12:35 to get straight to it):

Too bad the review is dominated by a thoroughly cranky Tiff Needel — there’s absolutely no reason to give any modern car such a low grade (Tiff scored the CT 200h at 2/10, where the other presenters averaged 6/10). I have no idea what point he was trying to prove, other than to undermine his own objectivity. Poor showing on his part.


  • Anonymous

    Looks like Needel is trying to build a new character… Top Gear ftw! If I want proper, pointless criticisms for entertainment, I will never look past Jezza, Hamster, and Captain Slow! (I’m sure May would love the car though.)

  • sndesign

     The CT is a good looking, well handling, economy oriented luxury hatchback and needs to be evaluated on those parameters. It is not an IS-F, going fast is not the point. If people want fast cars they can buy IS350s or the like. The CT is an option for those who want high mileage. 

  • Anonymous

    This is not built as a sport car. Not all cars need to be sports oriented. The richness only Lexus can give to this segment gives the CT200h a true advantage. Fifth Gear and Top Gear are entertainment rather than infotainment. 

  • Ochiko

    This guy is really low quality critic but I must admit he is a good entertainer! :-) He is complaining about such a low important and highly subjective areas that it just makes me thinking that he wasn’t there for the car review but for the pure entertainment instead! I think I am starting to like him. :-)

    Best quote: “The wheels are too small!” :-)

    • krew

      He’s definitely a character!

    • krew

      He’s definitely a character!

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    Tiff Needel and Victor Meldrew. Separated at birth?

  • Pedro_roldao

    Maybe when he made a positive comment about the LFA, he wanted one from Lexus… Since Lexus give him nothing he’s making a little revenge…
    Or maybe he was just upset by something in that day.
    2 out of 10 is just ridiculous.