Lexus LFA Collides with Porsche in Nürburgring Race

It happens in a flash, but at the 8:15 mark of this video, the #119 Lexus LFA taking part in this weekend’s VLN 3 race at Nürburgring has a run-in with a Porsche:

Still, even after this mishap, the LFA managed to take ninth overall in the race — I put together a little animated GIF of the incident after the jump.

Lexus LFA Collides with Porsche Animated

[Via: Auto Guide]

9 thoughts on “Lexus LFA Collides with Porsche in Nürburgring Race”

  1.  Porsche, piece of crap! That driver should already know his crappy car can’t hang but went ahead a cut all the way inside. Smh,…. 

  2. If they’re in the same lap (and Porsche is in front of the LFA) , he actually have his right to cover up the racing line & not letting people overtake him (even LFA can easily cut him , I think) … and that looks like GT3 RSR , that car was been overtaken by the Golf GT24 easily (also win better place than LFA) .

    Anyway , congratz on the LFA which finished in No.9 !

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