Lexus LF-Gh Official Reveal Video

While we may have seen photos of the Lexus LF-Gh last week, the concept car was officially revealed tonight at a gallery in New York City — here’s a video of the event along with reaction from some leading design minds:

I was lucky enough to attend the reveal, and there’s no question that the concept has plenty of production-ready polish. In my mind, there’s only a few short steps between the LF-Gh and the next-generation GS, and those steps are likely to focus exclusively on the more elaborate elements of the front & rear of the vehicle.

From Mark Templin’s comments during the introduction, it sounds like the front grille will be carried through to production in some modified toned-down form — the IS-F’ish mesh grille will likely be used in a future F-Sport variant down the line, but I think we can expect something much less divisive for the standard production model.

All in all, an exciting reveal to lead into tomorrow’s NY Auto Show, which I’ll be covering live throughout the day. Stay tuned!


  • Anonymous


  • Crouch

    like… Like… LIKE!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping they were going to reveal the 4GS … I mean, this stuff we have already seen!

    My question is, why have a big reveal when is everything is already…. revealed?

  • Anonymous

    Free hors d’oeuvres

  • Anonymous

    The more I see it, the more I like it.

    It must look menacing in person.

  • Pweinste

    it’s a lexus dust buster!

  • Pgr3boy

    As amazing as it looks, it still doesn’t have the legendary design of the current LS460/600H..

    I’ve seen the LS on the pictures but that other day I actually saw it in person omg what a elegant, sophisticated and luxurious piece of machine a Lexus LS460 is..

  • joshd

    Any news on when the production model will get revealed?

  • Joshg1001

    love the reveal music, reminds of the champagne class music of the LS460 reveal

  • Swickrem

    I like the fact that the emblem lights up

  • krew

    Yeah, that’s very cool. Another neat thing about the emblems, the rear L has
    a leather inset.

  • BlackDynamiteMB

    DEFINITELY needs more sculpting/surface tension in the hood and doors
    The profile looks very plain and slab-sided

  • krew

    Releasing photos of a car before the official reveal seems to be a new thing with car manufacturers — the big reveal is to get another wave of press.

  • krew

    Let me tell you, they weren’t too shabby. ;-)

  • krew

    I don’t know — it’s hard to compare a concept car to a production model. We’ll have to way to see the finalized design to really say for sure.