A Lexus LFA Joy Ride with Inside Line

Lexus LFA Inside Line Mountain RoadI was trying to wait until Inside Line concluded their Lexus LFA coverage this week before posting about their adventures, but there’s just been so many it’s been hard to keep track!

The first thing I’ll link to is this video of their run up the Glendora Mountain Road in California — what a fantastic way to spend two minutes virtually driving what looks to be a challenging route (with no guardrails).

Watch the video


  • Lexusluver

    Well this is embarrassing, not even close.


    • http://lexusenthusiast.com krew

      I don’t know — I’m not reading into anything too much. Looks like the AWD
      system really helped the GT-R off the line, and LFA is hardly the only
      car that the Nissan beats. It’s a supercar killer.

  • Lexusluver

    The result took me by surprise considering the LFA is lighter and has more power.