Edmunds Inside Line Spending a Week with the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA with Inside Line This WeekStarting today, the Edmunds Inside Line editors have the enviable task of driving the Lexus LFA for a full week road test, with plans to put the supercar through its paces on a California mountain road and make the trip to Las Vegas for a Wednesday night car meet.

The IL editors will updating both their Facebook & Twitter accounts (though I would recommend sticking with Twitter for more frequent updates).

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  1. Great news guys!! Lexus LFA production is severely underated. It made a boatload on the dyno. 515 wheel HP. Considering 600 HP cars make low-500s such as Porsche Carrera GT stock highest dyno'ed at 530 wheel HP, Lexus LFA is actually making closer to 600 HP at the crank!!!! Astonishing!!
  2. They are beginning the instrumented track testing. Just weighed the LFA and it came out to be 3546 lbs with a full tank of gas.