Lexus Releases Two LF-Gh Teaser Photos!

In advance of its full reveal at the New York Auto Show, Lexus has released a couple teaser images of the their next-gen GS concept, the LF-Gh — let’s tackle the front photo first:

Lexus LF-Gh Teaser Front

There are some LF-Ch design cues with the chrome accents on the front grille and the light housing design, but there will be no mistaking this for a giant-size CT. For one thing, the front grille is MASSIVE, and in my mind, just the kind of bold move that was needed with the next-gen GS. The inset LED daytime running lights are likely a concept twist along with the bubble-ish LED headlights.

One surprise is the absence of the GS’ traditional quad headlights, which may be the biggest indication that Lexus is planning to take the GS in an entirely new direction.

Next up is this rear shot:

Lexus LF-Gh Teaser Rear

Again, the LF-Ch design has been carried through with the rear lights, and another thing this photo shows is the overall shape of the LF-Gh — it looks as though the fastback design of the current-gen GS may have been minimized.

There’s still plenty left to see, but I like what I see so far. These teasers seem to point towards exactly the type of aggressive & sporty design that the GS needs — very excited to see the rest of the car in NYC.

[Source: Lexus]


  • Dillon

    Oh My god, Oh my god! Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the final GS looks very similar to this!

  • Wunko

    WHOA!! Like something from a movie. Can’t wait to see the rest. Hopefully the production car will look really good and the next-gen IS too.

  • ThaDRD

    This is the direction Lexus needs to take. Bold, aggressive, and unapologetic.

  • Vogel

    A M A Z I N G

    In the rear lights I see a bit of BMW !

    • Dillon

      Yeh, I see some BMW too! I also see some Toyota FT-86. In my opinion I think the front grill needs to change a tad so it doesnt look too CT like. But this car is amazing and I hope the GS comes out soon!

    • krew

      I see traces of Audi with the rear lights, not BMW.

      • Travis

        Nope no Audi or BMW. Lexus had these lights back in 2007. Audi and BMW took designs from Lexus in their tails

      • Мохамед Абдулрахман Рамадан

        you are right

        i think Lexus is second from Audi as krew said but i return to time line and found Lexus was first

    • Travis

      ummm BMW got its rear lights from Lexus. Take a Look at the 2007 tail lights if the LS.

      • Vogel

        Yeah, you’re right. The 7-series ripped of the LS tail lights!!

  • BOSS

    Nah no BMW here only L-Finesse, if you want to put it that way then BMW see a bit of Infiniti.

  • Mohammad Zahid

    the front grill is so hoooooooooooot
    i cant believe
    hope the production model have the same grill

  • YPN

    Loving it so far. I will be at the NYIAS and I cannot wait to see this. Unfortunately the production version will most likely be a very toned down version of this. This is a concept and Lexus concepts are generally very outrageous compared to production models that do not look anything like the concept, except for the LS concept which was a thinly veiled version of the production car anyway. Also the LF-S had no quad headlamps and the production version did so never know if it will have quad lamps or not. But if the production model is anywhere close to this concept I think Lexus would have moved the needle a LOT in their favor.

    • krew

      I don’t know, looking back the LF-Ch & CT 200h, I think Lexus managed to keep the same tone from concept to production. There’s obviously some adjustments made, but I think that’s necessary to appeal to the general public.

  • Primatives

    looks aggressive!!! looks like Toyota/Lexus are actually doing what they said they are doing byt not making bland looking cars!! Hope final production version isn’t too dulled down!! Good job!! :)

  • FooFoo

    I think it is the following version of the LF-S concept. The real GS should be really different and tuned down with only elements that are borrowed from this kind of blueprint.

    It might be the one in

    However, I see the front grill in the concept kind of similar to the one in this close-up photo: Look like a GS on the left and a smaller than RX SUV on the right.

  • joshd

    can’t wait to see the whole thing. I wonder when the final production version will get launched.

  • Lexus Pay Attention

    Firstly – The pictures look amazing, the front grill is very Audi, BIG, AGGRESSIVE, exactly what Lexus need to turn heads, and change people attitudes. Lexus has to try change people misconception of these amazing cars being bought only by customers of an elderly age.

    Secondly – I am so excited to see THIS car in full, but as Lexus ruined the CT concept when they realised the finished product, I’m scared and almost certain they will do the same with the GS. The CT concept looked amazing and I’m sure so will this one, but PLEASE stick with it all the way to production.

    Don’t ruin in Lexus.

    • Thomas

      “Very Audi”???? I hope not. I really hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Travis

      Audis are boring and all look the same… I would hope Lexus doesnt look anything like em

      • krew

        I wouldn’t expect Lexus to mirror Audi’s cookie cutter lineup, but I do think that this LF-Gh has elements of the Audi design language — particularly with the grille.

        However, I can’t believe that a grille of that size will make it to the standard production design, more likely it will get a bumper bar. A GS-F, on the other hand — well I could see it getting a grille of that size.

  • Travis


  • JVX

    I am very pleased to see Lexus is heading in the right direction. It is just what I was hoping for. Very bold, very menacing, and unforgiving.

    As for a tone-down production model, I hope not. I can see why the LF-Ch and the CT200h look different. You don’t want a base entry level CT200h to look drastically better than your other production models. And you don’t want the LF-Gh to look better than an LFA. I don’t mind it does; at least I can afford one.

    And about the rear light looking like BMW, I believe BMW borrows it from the LS460.

  • FooFoo

    This LF-S concept was shown just after the launch of the last GS

    You can see that the concept is far from the production.

    • Thomas

      And thank God for that…

  • Anonymous

    Pure Evil

  • mrxandthexfactor

    BY FAR THE BEST LEXUS CONCEPT SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lexus should have released the concept during AIMS. Then we didn’t have to wait for so long.

    • Thomas

      You are SHOUTING even more than this concept!

  • Pgr3boy

    But I hope Lexus still makes cars that are silent, smooth and refined (much more then their competition)..

    • Thomas


      • Pgr3boy

        Yeah look at the Lexus LS460/600H They’re perfect cars because they’re silent, refined, smooth and very luxurious.. They have designs that will never get old and their designs have a very sophisticated and unique presence that is very pleasant, rich and beautiful at the same time..

        This shit concept looks like a Audi that screams “look at me” and gets old in 2 days..

      • Thomas

        I couldnt agree more! Lexus should be refined and not scream and shout at you. Agree with you a 100%!

      • Pgr3boy

        Hmmm I wonder how the next LS is going to look Hmmmmm

      • Thomas

        The LS looks perfect as it is. Hope they keep i looking like it does for a long time.
        It’s bloody easy to design something that looks “aggressive” and menacing – like an Audi – but gets boring after two days. But a whole other thing is to design something that can stand the test of time, like a classic building or a piece of furniture. Lexus has done very well with the current GS as it still looks fresh and almost perfect IMO. Im hoping they will do just as well with the new GS, but the picture of the front of the car – this concept – doesnt make me trust that they have.

  • Thomas

    The grille looks awful!!!!!!!! Someone said Audi. God forbid. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!! Puke!!!!!!!!!!!! Lexus should keep their toned down look, and not whore itself out to people who watches “The fast and the furious”!!!!!

    • Travis

      I dont see any Audi at all. I see all Lexus with some new curves

  • Thomas

    Current GS is far prettier than this mess! Looks like Lexus has stolen Audis ugly and boring grille. Hopes this never ends in a production car. Keep the GS as is; beautiful!

  • Vogel

    I hope the new GS will get THE BEST INTERIOR of all Business sedans on this planet!!!
    Remote Touch, great materials, ultra-low noise in the cabin, best seats (also for big europeans like me), active seats.

    That’s my complain about Lexus or japanese cars over all: Their seats are sooo small compared to Mercedes-Benz or BMW seats.

  • PG

    I just hope that huge monstrosity of a grill doesn’t make it to production. That grill looks like a cheap Audi-knock off. But apart from that, I really like the bold new design direction.

  • FooFoo

    Lexus should go aggressive with their GS since they have nothing to loose. GS is always a dead wood model of their line.

    • Jul

      Personally I find the GS to be much better then 5 and E.. The interior of the 5 is ugly, E has an ugly exterior and interior.. GS has a much smoother ride then both and is better value..

      • Travis

        I agree. I saw a pearl white GS with the optional bigger wheels.. damn it was a good looking sedan. The Lines of the current GS are still beautiful.

        IMO the current GS is more sleek/beautiful then the NEW 5 and M models. Lexus really knows how to design cars that seem to not age.

  • Thomas

    How about the engine? Will it have the same V6/hybrid-system as the current GS 450h, or something completely new… Will it share platform with Toyota models – and God forbid – be FWD… like we saw in the CT 200h. So many questions!

    • PG

      My guess is that it will be offered in V6, V6 Hybrid (hopefully with Li-Ion battery), and V8 (GS-F) configurations. In its quest to become a truly global brand, Lexus might even offer an engine smaller than 3.0 liters, which is more in line with European/Chinese buyers.
      Certainly won’t be FWD, the GS has always been sporty (for a Lexus) and thanks to Akio Toyoda Lexus’ new direction is towards more sportiness rather than less.
      BTW: There’s nothing wrong with the CT being FWD. All of its main competitors are, too: C30, A3 albeit with AWD on higher trims, and the 1 series will become FWD for the next generation.

  • Gman

    I hope Lexus doesn’t cheap it self out like the German whores, who would do anything for sale..

    Btw the LS has overtaken the 7 series and A8 and is closing up on the S-class to become worlds best selling executive flagship car..

    • krew

      Is there a source for that? I’d like to write that up. :-)

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Front grille is once again Evo/R35-ish … like Dodge did on their latest Charger SRT8 .

    As I expected , it come with CT-ish design on both front & rear end … while I think the interner of taillight looks similar as Audi , not sure if Lexus use that first or Audi .

  • Anonymous


    • Thomas

      Gotta.. write… with… Caps Lock… ON!!!

  • enthusiast

    I don’t see BMW or Audi in the tail lights, I see Kia and Hyundai. The headlight styling is just a mess.
    But I rarely comment on concept cars since the actual production car is rarely the same.

  • Hvyg

    The front is very Lexus

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t look too hot IMO, that grille is dangerously Audi-ish & its obvious that the GS has lost its signature twin headlight look too. There are too many haphazard lines & creases to the front that don’t look geometrically precise. I’m sure the interior will be underwhelming too… looks like there’s no way I’m goin to replace my GS300 with this…

  • Tot

    This is a concept, original will be toned down greatly..

  • FooFoo

    First, they copied Mercedes, then, BMW, now, Audi. The next itteration might be Hyundai.

  • Tyoung

    You know—-why do some of you people even visit the Lexus websites if you are going to be so negative and embarass yourselves—-to me it reflects that Lexus is certainly on your mind as the BEST—-otherwise you would not waste your time to look—-I do not want to buy MB,BMW, or Audi ,therefore ,I do not even visit anything remotely related——enough said—the haters are certainly mesmerized by the status Lexus has created for Value, Styling, Extreme quality and Resale value—-something all three of the German cars can NOT boast about… make yourselves look like babies trying to bring yourselves up with derrogatory comments. Lexus will prevail with extreme motivation and focus—you do not achieve their status and let it slip away.

  • Bentley2021b1

    Great comment !

  • Toni

    This upcoming GS looks really interesting. Ok the old one looks still great but there is enough space for a new one. Let’s see the complete car :-)