Lexus March 2011 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported the brand’s March 2011 sales, which includes the CT 200h for the first time ever — here are the model-by-model stats:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2011 2010 % CHG* 2011 2010 % CHG*
ES 3,732 3,860 -6.9 8,545 9,132 -7.7
CT 2,199 0 N/A 2,199 0 N/A
HS 230 1,494 -85.2 699 3,453 -80.0
LS 941 894 1.4 2,381 2,785 -15.6
SC 6 30 -80.7 14 81 -82.9
GS 431 645 -35.7 1,103 1,662 -34.5
IS 2,956 3,137 -9.3 7,029 7,331 -5.4
LFA 8 0 N/A 17 0 N/A
Total Cars 10,503 10,060 0.5 21,987 24,444 -11.3
LX 341 314 4.6 897 850 4.1
GX 1,238 1,785 -33.2 3,424 4,787 -29.4
RX 8,600 8,060 2.7 21,048 19,442 6.8
Total Trucks 10,179 10,159 -3.5 25,369 25,079 -0.2
Total Sales 20,682 20,219 -1.5 47,356 49,523 -5.7

A strong launch for the CT 200h helped to keep the bottom line relatively flat, providing a much needed offset against the HS, GS & GX models all seeing 30+% drops in sales when compared to last March. The HS in particular has fallen off considerably due to a lack of inventory — from the sounds of it, dealers only have 2010 models available.

Of course, limited inventory is going to be a problem for Lexus across the board moving forward, as the earthquake disaster in Japan has wreaked havoc on the parts supply chain — this is likely to be a problem over the next few months, and will affect all auto manufacturers.


Lexus reported 1,412 sales for March, an 8.4% increase over last year and the best March ever. As for some specifics, the CT 200h had 221 sales in its first month, the LX 570 was up 35.7% and the RX 350 continued its SUV dominance with sales up 14.2% over last year.


  • Anonymous

    Shape up Lexus!

  • Pond

    Was HS sales so disappointing they’re basically dropping it in favor of CT? Since HS is North America only and they don’t have 2011 models it sounds like a dead car.

    • emptystreets130

      Actually the HS is not North America only. Japan apparently sells the HS as well.

    • emptystreets130

      Actually the HS is not North America only. Japan apparently sells the HS as well.

    • krew

      I’m still trying to get exact figures, but I think the reason for the reduced role of the HS is for two reasons:

      1) It just hasn’t been a runaway success in North America.

      2) It has been a runaway success in Japan — I’ve read that it’s the #1 selling Lexus in the country.

      It might just be a case of using inventory to satisfy demand in Japan.

  • SithfromSwiss

    @ Pond
    I don` think that the HS is a dead car. If the new 2011 models arrived at the dealers in a few weeks or months we can talk again.

  • Jesse James Payette-Steinberg

    I am surprised that the GX took a major hit. I guess people like their RX or LX.

  • JVX

    I still don’t understand why they have a need for both GX and LX. What market are they targeting. To me as a consumer, I don’t see a big difference. I would like to see a smaller RX to compete with the bmw X3 and acura RDX. Maybe an IX250 (a smaller SUV based on the IS).

    • krew

      The problem is that the LX is iconic, and the GX is more reasonably priced. I think that’s why they’re both still in the lineup.

  • Leroy

    All those Lexus vehicles coming from Japan may be radioactive and hazardous!