Preview of Supercharged Lexus CT 200h by Fox Marketing

The New York Auto Show is only three weeks away, and Fox Marketing is starting to tease their supercharged CT 200h that will be part of the Lexus display — here’s a couple videos of the work-in-progress CTh:

It looks like there’s something special planned for the interior as well:

Best of all, there’s some photos of the supercharger over at Fox Marketing’s Flickr account — take a look:

Lexus CT 200h Supercharger

Can not wait to see this at NYIAS.


  • JDM Attire

    no IC on the supercharger, interesting.

    • Brian Fox

      it’s intercooled buddy. More pics to come this weekend!

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Which meant , next time Toyota Sai could have a Super-Charger as well !
    Erm … so do the Toyota Prius , I think .

    • emptystreets130

      The Toyota Sai has the 2AZ-FXE motor, the same used in the HS250h and Camry Hybrid. I haven’t see anyone make a SC for either of those vehicles. It would be nice tho, but they are targeted at an older demographic.

  • Oxymoron

    A supercharger for a hybrid automobile marketed for its gas mileage. Go figure.

    • emptystreets130

      You never know. More and more companies are using turbocharger and the lastest in engine technology (such as direct inject) to increase power output while retaining fuel economy by using a smaller motor. The same could be applied to a hybird engine.

      Both supercharger and/or turbocharger can be beneficial in increasing fuel economy.
      VW introduced the twincharger (supercharger and turbocharger) system awhile back, which is now discontinue due to cost. specs below:

      VW Golf GT TSI
      Engine … 1.4 liter, 4 cyl.
      Power … 168 hp
      Torque … 177 lb. -ft
      0-62 MPH … 7.9 sec.
      Top Speed … 136 mph
      MPG … 30 (city); 48 (highway)

      combine mileage is 3 mpg less than the CT200h.

      • DFGeneer

        This data for the VW Golf GT TSI is in Imperial gallons and obtained in the EU test cycle.
        The CT200h has 69 mpg (city) / 71 mpg (highway) in the same test cycle.

        And thats 31 mpg more.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a lot of low-end power…

  • Thomas

    Some people just dont get the point.

  • DFGeneer

    There was a very good article on autospeed about supercharging a Gen1 Prius. The conclusion was there is no difference in the performance, since it is fully controlled by the electronics.
    Meaning that the performance/efficiency ratio of the HSD vehicle is mostly a matter of software.

    So, a supercharged CT200h may only make sense with software tune-up.

    The article in 3 parts:

  • Brian Fox

    I have been working with TRD this development and software to make it work. DFGeneer is 100 percent correct about this point. We have added 1000cc injectors to it and it is intercooled also which you all will see in NY. I’m all about performance as you have seen from my other Lexus builds over the years.

    • krew

      Thanks for stopping by, Brian — really looking forward to seeing the completed CT.

    • DFGeneer

      Very glad to hear that!

    • Johnkritchsr

      TRD are you sure?

    • Archapman20

      So what are the performance figures for the Supercharged CT? and has the engine size been increased?

  • TrueDos

    This is going to be awesome!

  • Supraskyli

    ohh man ! I hope that supercharger is able to be brought ! Would love to see some SC CT running around