Next-Gen Lexus GS to Debut at New York Auto Show?

Lexus GS Spy Shot

Autoblog is reporting that the next-generation Lexus GS will be coming to the New York Auto Show:

Although it’s unclear whether the GS we’ll see in NYC is a concept or a production model, we do know that it will be underpinned by an all-new platform that will also be used on the next-generation IS, due out sometime next year.

The current GS has been on the market since 2005 and, despite consistent sales, it’s overdue for a refresh. Expect many of the same V6 and V8 powerplants to carry over, although we haven’t gotten word on an F variant or whether the 450h hybrid will soldier on.

This is in line with what I’ve been hearing — my feeling is that we’ll be seeing a GS concept first to build up some much needed excitement, followed by a production model later in the year (LA Auto Show?).

As for engine choices, right now it’s just a guessing game — I do expect to see a V6 & V8, though I also wouldn’t be that surprised to see the V8 dropped in favor of the next-generation GS V6 hybrid. It would be a controversial move, no question, but then a a V8 GS-F would more than fill the shoes left by the GS 460.

(The above image is not the next-generation GS, but spyshots of a mule spotted late last year.)

[Source: Autoblog]


  • Anonymous

    I was expecting the new GS to be unveiled at Detroit,but still have to wait until end April. Like Krew already mentioned, it’ll likely be revealed as a “concept” but expect it to be 95% production car.

  • Anonymous

    0 minutos atras? is that french or spanish?

  • Lexusben

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  • Lexusben

    Ok sorry about the confusion. But here’s finally is the working link sorry about the mistakes

  • BlackDynamiteMB

    Not sure what Lexus is thinking, with all 4 sedans looking the launch redesigns next year
    The LS is due Fall 2012
    And the Camry/ES350 will be out Spring 2012, at the latest

    Gonna be hard for all 4 to get a a proper ad campaign without stealing each other’s thunder

    Not the best event planning by Lexus

  • Dan

    I have seen the new GS pics and it looks nothing like the current model….nothing. It’s stunning and will really be a competitor with the new 5 series.

    Can’t wait to see it in person!

    • Pattapper2000

      where did u see these pics ?

    • Thomas

      I was hoping it looked something like the current GS, because the current GS looks very good. Too bad then…

  • Slash Backslash

    Finally som news to look forward to. I’m so bored with all this LF-a stuff all the time.

  • Remy

    My guess, and hope, is that the GS will never come as an “F” variant and wont be turbocharged(God forbid). The GS isnt – and shouldnt be – a boy-racer or a drift-car like so many of the boyish fans that frequent this blog is hoping for. The GS should deliver its wealth of power in the same manner as a R Royce used to. You know… swoooosh.
    And it will ofcourse be a hybrid. My guess is that it will be a strictly hybrid vehicle. A non-hybrid GS wont be an option, and that is great!

    • Anonymous

      I am hoping for a hybrid GS F !!!