Lexus LFA Spotted in New Fast & Furious Movie Trailer

The new trailer for the latest Fast & Furious is out, and if you watch it closely enough, there’s a split-second appearance by a very special guest star around the 1:49 mark:

Just in case you missed it, here’s some screenshots:

Lexus LFA in Fast & Furious

Lexus LFA is Great for Making out

Good to see there’s enough room in the LFA for a furious make-out session. Eyes on the road!



    Im so excited,i need to hear the lexus LFA sound in IMAX 3D,i hope we can see the LFA in the whole movie.

  • Joshd

    great as if the first fast and Furious wasn’t dumb enough :D
    At least the LFA will make its debut in a feature movie…

  • iCyCo

    Hope they are intending on crashing it anytime during the film

    • iCyCo


  • Anonymous

    WOOT! I swear this was one of my dreams… but I also swear that I was the driver x)

  • Supraskyli

    IM SOOO GOIN TO WATCH THIS. LFA FTW ! Hope its the the star car like the Toyota Supra.

  • Celica Supra

    Nice video clipping. I am totally impressed with the new Supra’s design features, and very soon I am going to own one for my self