Lexus LFA Oil Pastel Desktop Wallpaper

Out of left field, I know, but how about this Lexus LFA oil pastel sketch by our very own World of Luxury? It makes for a great desktop wallpaper:

Lexus LFA by World of Luxury

Color me impressed!


I’d also like to take an opportunity to wish all my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving, please enjoy your weekend and stay safe this Black Friday!


  • Eljay

    That’s really nice!


    Quite talented—-send more !


    From an artist’s perspective…..each to their own.

  • Larque Fausse

    I like it. Is that the Fuji race track?

  • WorldofLuxury

    @Larque Fausse: yep!

    Thanks guys for the compliments!

    @LEXISCONOSUR: aha I’m teetering along the line myself.

  • krew

    WorldofLuxury wrote:@LEXISCONOSUR: aha I’m teetering along the line myself.

    Well, I like it. :-)

  • WorldofLuxury

    @krew: Thanks Krew :-)