Lexus IS Precision Tour in New York

2011 Lexus IS F

If you’re anywhere near Monticello Motor Club in New York, I have some excellent news — this Saturday, Lexus USA is kicking off the IS Precision Tour, which means track-time with both the 2011 IS 350 & IS F!

There will be six two-hour sessions throughout the day, and one lucky participant from each group will get a chance at a LFA hot-lap with Justin Bell. Even better, if you score the best lap time on a special autocross time challenge, Lexus will arrange for you to attend SPEED TV’s annual Dream Ride.

To reserve your spot, call the LEXUS SPECIAL EVENTS LINE at 1-888-747-4504 — more dates will be announced when the tour resumes in January.

(Thanks Nancy & Jeanna!)


  • WorldofLuxury

    COME TO LA!!!

  • Tamarisk

    Yes, I sure hope this makes a stop in Southern California.

  • Travis

    Think im going to check this out.

  • Peter

    I am writing to share that, to my greatest surprise, I was the winner up at Monticello!
    I am waiting to hear details of the trip.

    Regarding the hot laps with Justin, the LFA is incredible. As we were coming back into the pits I told him that he had the best job in the world. He responded, “yes, I really do have the best job in the world!”
    I better understand why having a strong core is so important! Gonna start working out again in anticipation of April coming around the corner. All the best, Peter


  • krew

    @Peter: That’s fantastic news, congratulations! If I remember correctly, it was on an autocross course, right? What was your final time?


  • WorldofLuxury

    @Peter: Congratz man!

  • Peter

    I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but I really didn’t think I went very fast. I remember wincing at every corner thinking,”oh that was slow!” and “darn it!, braked too soon!” so as I finished the autocross I remember stopping the car and thinking, “that stunk!, Oh well”. I didn’t even know that this contest existed on the ride up to the track. I just wanted to drive. Then, as I came back around to the starting line, I saw my friend jumping up and down giving me the thumbs-up and others clapping and it took my brain a few seconds to realize why. The best that I remember is that it was 16.11 something. I am I not even sure that is correct. I do remember that the the fastest up to that point (and I was in the 1:00PM group) was 6.17something…and I can even be wrong on that. I have a horrible memory! Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

  • grover

    Just got back from Sonoma Friday night. The people at Lexus and Speed treated all of the winners like royalty!
    This event was top notch in every way!

    • krew

      I love the Infineon Raceway — what a track.

  • Peter

    Hey Krew,
    Is the NorthEast excluded from the IS Precision Tour this year?

    • krew

      Good question, I’ll see what I can find out.