Lexus Kuwait Planning World’s Largest Lexus Showroom

Lexus Kuwait is planning to build the world’s largest Lexus showroom — here’s a virtual look at the proposed building:

The effort put into these new mega-dealerships is amazing — it’s hard to even imagine the scale of that showroom. Construction should be begin soon, can’t wait to see some real life photos.

[Source: Lexus Kuwait via Lexus Europe]


  • WorldofLuxury

    Made possible by the country of the United States. aha

  • RDS

    Why oh Why , Lexus ?

    What’s the purpose to build this ?

  • WorldofLuxury

    @RDS: Bragging rights, and the owners get to chill there themselves. Also, there aren’t many other dealers nearby, and everyone is just gonna go to the nice, big, shiny one. aha

  • Ali Al Qawi

    Interesting look like Lexus is trying to copy the INFINITI concept of IREDI showrooms. I have a lot of respect for Lexus and Toyota but INFINITI is the only japanese luxury brand that truly understand what luxury truly is.

  • WorldofLuxury

    @Ali Al Qawi: LOL So…
    Lexus has the LS
    Mercedes-Benz has the S-class
    BMW has the 7-series
    Audi has the A8
    Jaguar has the XJ
    Cadillac has the STS/DTS
    Lincoln has the Town Car/MKS

    And Infiniti has the what?! The M?! LOL

    Lexus already has awesome showrooms, and a few that opened after the brand launch deviate a bit to towards other creative designs. You should check out Lexus of North Miami and a few awesome ones already opened in the Middle East, and let’s not to forget the amazing Lexus dealers in the Pacific Islands.

    I think it’s more accurate to use the word “copy” in this case:
    – “Infinti copied Lexus by basing the QX on a true SUV platform.”

    Don’t be jealous that Infiniti ultimately lost even with their little head start in the US market. :-)

  • Alaa

    Hi I’m from kuwait

    the showroom is almost done and it will open next month

  • WorldofLuxury

    @Alaa: Congratulations!

  • emptystreets130

    @Ali Al Qawi:

    Infiniti isn’t fairing well here in the states. The only thing that is holding Infiniti up is the G series. Infiniti discontinue the Q series because of the lack of sales. They don’t have a replacement in plan to take on the S, 7 or LS.

    Another thing is, Infiniti lacks clear direction. I mean look at it. The new Maxima and the new Z has the same level of quality and luxury features as the G series. Infiniti has the luxury stuff but they really can’t differentiate themselves from Nissan.

    Infiniti understands the luxury sport concept, not pure luxury. Not a majority of people wants that luxury sport. That is why Lexus does not make their entire lineup a luxury sport concept. They want each of their vehicles to appeal to different demographics, different target audience.

  • JVX.

    +1. Lexus covers almost every demographics, luxury, performance, youth, and even eco-friendly souls. The only things going for Infiniti are the G and FX, which are great performing cars. I hardly see the M on the road.

    Maybe “Ali Al Qawi” was referring to the Infiniti showroom (not the car) being more luxury than Lexus.

  • Lexus Ben

    Any details on when it will be finished? That looks amazing. Almost like a Lexus factory if you ask me. LOL

  • WorldofLuxury

    @JVX.: aha I was referring to both, and not only that, how about we compare a few of Lexus’ best auto show setups with Infinti’s… um… yeah. lol I suppose that isn’t important, but neither is luxury. ;-)