Fox Marketing Preparing Lexus LS 600hL for SEMA

After their stellar Lexus IS-C custom in 2009, Fox Marketing will be going big for SEMA this year with the LS 600hL — here’s some photos of the work-in-progress:

Fox Marketing Lexus LS 600hL

Fox Marketing Lexus LS 600hL Fender

Fox Marketing Lexus LS 600hL Interior

So far, the Artisan Spirits body kit has been installed, and there’s a plan for custom brakes — can’t wait to see where this goes.

[Source: Club Lexus]


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  • seal

    Ready for Paris motor show ?? eXClusive photos ;)

  • WorldofLuxury

    Nice! I think his name is Brian Fox – saw him on Lexus USA’s Facebook. He sounded like a cool guy.

  • Travis

    I dont have the balls to rip apart a perfect LS 600hl..

    This is goin to be awesome.

  • Clode

    seal I sent the request for access to the group CT200H Facebook, but nobody accepts the request


  • JVX

    Even though that’s not my LS600lh, I’m nervous just seeing it naked like that. Can’t wait for the final product.

    @seal: I like that front angle of the CT200h. It’s the most aggressive-looking hybrid thus far.

  • Eljay

    The “CT” in CT200h, what was it,Compact Touring?

  • WorldofLuxury

    @Clode: Seal is currently on a trip

  • fha

    haddUh,irha by gduh mObil jga kyu nya…:-)

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  • Clode